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Thistle Moon Farmstead

Hand Crafted Soaps

Hand Crafted Soaps

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 Our soaps start with a base of olive, coconut and castor oils. At that point, it either remains as is for our bare naked, no scent, no color soap or gets dressed up with our therapeutic grade essential oils and botanicals for natural coloring. We do not use palm oil nor do we use any petroleum products, artificial fragrance, colors or micas.   

Bare Naked- (unscented) We know and understand many have sensitivities to smells and aromas so we offer as many products as we are able under our "Bare Naked" series. 

Bay Rum- Our version of this classic scent includes bay, clove, orange and allspice. 

Rosemary Mint-  This clean invigorating scent combo infused with rosemary leaf powder is great addition especially for an early morning wake up. 

Trailhead-  From our Signature Scent line (formerly Southern Man) Trailhead is a popular scent containing a synergy blend of amyris, vetiver and cedarwood essential oils. 

After Midnight- Another Signature Scent, is an exotic, sultry blend of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli essential oils with charcoal and French red clay. 

Patchouli- Earthy and musky can evoke a time trip of memories and bring out the flower child in all of us. 

Lavender- , Classic and timeless our lavender soap is herbaceous with a light green floral classic lavender scent with indigo and alkanet root powder. 

Java Mint- Our Java Mint soap is invigorating with its fresh minty aroma and locally sourced roasted ground coffee for a little oomph and exfoliation.

Winter Forest- Another of our Signature Scents, Winter Forest has a swirl of spirulina powder and an aromatherapy blend of scotch pine, fir needle and cedarwood essential oils. 

Orange Vetiver- One of our top selling soaps and scent blends, Orange Vetiver is just that, an alluring blend of bright, sunny orange essential oil and rich, earthy vetiver. 

Oatmeal Calendula- Calendula and oatmeal have both been used traditionally for damaged and sensitive skin. We have combined in our scent free soap and a bonus is the lovely soft shade of yellow that comes from the calendula leaves. 

Peppermint- Simple and classic, and one of our most popular sellers, the minty favorite is scented with peppermint essential oil with a dusting of peppermint leaves. 

Gardner's Scrub- An absolute must here on the farm, is a delicious blend of essential oils including lemongrass, rosemary and lavender along with spirulina powder and poppy seeds. 

Charcoal-  Charcoal has long been used is skin and body care. We keep our Charcoal soap simple so as not to overload the skin. Some of the benefits of Charcoal soap include deep cleaning, lifting and removing impurities such as oil and dirt while exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Charcoal has been known to tighten pores and firm the skin as well as reducing inflammation and redness and brighten the complexion. This seemingly simple soap is quite the powerhouse.

Lemongrass- One of our classic and top selling soaps, Lemongrass offers a bright, joyful aroma of an uplifting lemony-citrus scent and a hint of turmeric giving our Lemongrass soap its natural yellow coloring. 

Eucalyptus Mint- A favorite scent combination of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils with a hint of spirulina powder for color and poppy seeds to assist with exfoliation. 

Peppermint Tea Tree- Peppermint and tea tree oils have been a synergy blend for ions. We use this combination along with spirulina to craft our soap. 

Anise- A popular choice not only with those who love the aroma of licorice, but also among hunters and fisherman looking to mask their scent.  

Patchouli Lavender- A true favorite that tends to sell out quickly, our blend of lavender and patchouli is a balanced blend of the herbacous floral aromas of lavender while anchored to earthy, warm musk of patchouli and naturally colored with alkanet root powder. 

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Great homemade products with ingredients that are easy to read and understand. Shipment was fast!