About Thistle Moon Farmstead: Who we are.


      Thistle Moon Farmstead is owned and operated by Stephanie Henley and Mat Bickford. They are ‘old souls’ who enjoy the simpler, quieter, and slower elements that life has to offer. They enjoy working with nature and the land to sustain their lifestyle and provide a variety of experiences and products to their customers. It’s a good thing Stephanie makes soap, as they love getting their hands dirty! 

         The farmstead lies in the Western Maine Foothills of Wilton, Maine. When purchased in 2020, the historic farm (Wilton Blueberry Farm) had been producing high-bush blueberries since 1947 (over 75 years). Mat and Stephanie are excited to continue to offer pick-your-own blueberries to the public to continue building memories and traditions for generations to come.

      Thistle Moon Farmstead is committed to providing wholesome and life enriching products and experiences that are grown and produced from their farm. All outsourced items (some ingredients that can't be grown or produced on the farm) will only be sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly entities.

      Stephanie’s and Mat’s backgrounds and experiences complement their life goals of connecting with nature and providing as much as they can for themselves, the community, and customers both near and far.

      Stephanie’s journeys have culminated in creating and providing botanical products from ingredients that she grows and nurtures to ensure quality and effectiveness. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Tennessee, at the age of 20 was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Years of research and Crohn’s disease management practices led her to the connection between processed foods and symptom flare-ups. Relying on her childhood experiences of gardening with her mother, she began growing, canning, and preserving her own foods. Her findings were quickly validated as her symptoms became more manageable. Her management strategies of providing her body with nutrient dense foods and natural products led her to the women she is today; an Esthetician, a Reiki Master, a Gardener, a Farmsteader, a Small Business Owner, a Holistic Health Practitioner focused on Holistic Nutrition, a Clinical Aromatherapist, and so much more!

      Mat’s journey began growing up in East Wilton, Maine, about 4 miles from the Wilton Blueberry Farm. Mat enlisted in the Army soon after high school where he spent the next 20 years collecting invaluable skills and experiences in leadership, team building, logistics, management, technology, and problem solving. Throughout his military career, Mat yearned to return to Maine. Upon retiring, he accepted a job as a Data Analyst under an Army aviation contract. He’d hoped to work as a data analyst for 10-15 years, nest-egging as much money as he could, and then return home to Maine. Then COVID happened! After a 2-year period of working from home (in Kentucky) it struck him to ask his employer if he could continue to ‘work from home’ (telework) from any location. His employer agreed and the search for property back home began. Once he came across the Wilton Blueberry Farm for sale, his search stopped. The farm provided for all his wants, wishes, and needs of not only getting home, but also getting back into what he loved doing; working with the land and his hands, gardening, hunting, fishing, being around family, and being a part of a community that surrounded him of his childhood memories. He saw the farm as a ‘retirement job’, something he could continue to work towards once he fully retired.

      Mat and Stephanie finding one-another with such aligned goals in life is sure to bring great things. Their future for the farm is as extensive as their experiences. They want to expand the farm to include more berries like blackberries and fruit, such as cherries, all kinds of vegetables, cut flowers, Reiki sessions, short nature trails to hike, and educational classes. Their new journey together has just begun, and they hope you can experience it with them!