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Thistle Moon farmstead

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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Beard Oil


Thistle Moon Farmstead beard oil is formulated to be multitasking.  While beard oil works to soften, condition and provide a sheen to your beard, the real work takes place beneath the beard on the skin.  The benefits of beard oil are its ability to help alleviate itchiness, dryness, acne, irritation, flakiness and to exfoliate and condition the skin.  It also makes the beard more manageable and conditions the hair as well as promoting a healthy beard overall.  

Our scent blends are formulated in house by our master perfumer and crafted with therapeutic grade essential oils.

We are very proud of our beard oil as it was a featured item in the 2017 Country Music Awards swag bags in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Available in 1 oz dropper bottles in a variety of scents as described below.

Bare Naked (unscented)

Bay Rum- Our version of this classic scent includes bay, clove, orange and allspice. Oh, and it's our #1 seller. 

Trailhead From our Signature Scent line (formerly Southern Man) Trailhead is a popular scent containing a synergy blend of amyris, vetiver and cedarwood essential oils. 

After Midnight- Another Signature Scent, is an exotic, sultry blend of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli essential oils. 

Woodlands- a blend of cypress, juniper berry, pine, marjoram essential oils creating a scent that is woodsy with a hint of herbaceous notes.

Cedarwood- a woody, cedar scent blending with Altas and Texas Cedarwood essential oils. 

Patchouli- earthy and musky

Lavender- herbaceous with a light green floral classic lavender scent 


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